Any League, Any Throwback


Need gumball helmets?


The OPI company stopped producing the old style gumball helmets in the mid-late 1990's, but my inventory is large! I have stockpiled MANY of the old shells and I am here to supply you with whatever you need! I also BUY helmets! Contact me at 

The real thing? Or a custom?

Do you need a special old throwback helmet of your favorite team? Maybe the 1971 yellow shell Washington Redskins with the "R" in a circle? Well .. I have one! The original from the early 1970's would run about $20-$40 (depending on the condition), or we have decals that have been created that look as good (or better) than the originals for $3 a helmet. You Decide!

Any League, Any Throwback

That's right ... I have almost ANY LEAGUE you can think of ... NFL, XFL, WFL, USFL and MANY MORE. If they didn't produce it, it can BE produced for your personal collection. If they DID produce it, I'll have it for you! Click on a League above for more information!

OLD STYLE helmets I have to offer

All leagues and throwbacks available. Email me at with ANY needs or wants ... I buy helmets too!

Photos of samples for you to enjoy and to remember some of your favorite helmets you may have forgotten about ...

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Drop us a line to recommend a team or helmet! I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for looking! Tim in upstate NY.

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