NFL HOMEMADE Gumball Helmets

I have a huge inventory of NFL, WFL, USFL, CFL, NFLE and WLAF custom made "throwback" helmets.
They are NOT originals ... they are REPRODUCTIONS but look as GOOD as the originals
from the 1960's and 1970's ... only new!

I have quite a few of these and I'm SURE I can supply ANYthing you need, from ANY league.
Here are some samples:

The decals were printed out on a HIGH RES printer, so the decals are 100% like the originals, only BETTER!
The cost is: $3 each plus postage

SOME of the HOMEMADE Teams available (I can do ANY team or league you need):

New York Giants: Blue helmet with white "ny" (1950-1960's and present)
New York Giants: Blue helmet with white "Disco NY" (1970-early 80's)
Buffalo Bills: White helmet with standing buffalo (1960's)
Buffalo Bills: White helmet with running buffalo (1970's)
Washington Redskins: Maroon helmet with spear (1960's)
Washington Redskins: Yellow helmet with big "R" (1970's)
San Diego Chargers: White helmet with uniform #22 under lightening bolt
LA Rams: Blue helmet with white horns
Chicago Bears: Black helmet with white "C"
New York Jets: White helmet with green logo (1960's and present)
Philadelphia Eagles: White helmet with old green style wing (1960's)
and MANY MANY more ...

If you have any originals that you would like to TRADE (or sell) , I'm always up for a deal / trade!

Email me with your needs at

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