WFL CUSTOM MADE Gumball Helmets

The sets below have EVERY HELMET the WORLD Football League
used from 1974 - 1975.

The WFL struggled through two years of direct competition with the NFL in the mid 1970s, finally collapsing under enormous debt thirteen weeks into its second season. So great were the WFL's financial struggles that some of the teams relocated during midseason, and a couple of the teams disbanded altogether.

The "Common" WFL helmets (23 in the set):

The Common helmets PLUS alternate WFL helmets (29 in the set):

Every helmet is $3 each plus postage or ...
The entire WFL "COMMON" set of 23 helmets: $49 delivered
The entire WFL "FULL" set of 29 helmets: $65 delivered

If you have any originals that you would like to TRADE (or sell) ,
I'm always up for a deal / trade!

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