2010 Miniature Gumball BASEBALL helmets

I have the LATEST and NEWEST set of MLB Gumball baseball helmets
and the NEW & IMPROVED mounting / standings board for 2007!

This set includes the WASHINGTON NATIONALS!

Pictured below is the FACTORY MADE 2010 COMPLETE set
with the factory-made standings board.

These "gumball helmets" are approx. 2" x 1.5", and if you ever tried to get a complete set at
your local grocery store, you know it's almost impossible!
You can buy the entire set RIGHT HERE WITH the standings board!

You will receive:
The Entire "factory" 30-helmet set of MLB Baseball Gumball helmets
PLUS ... the FACTORY CREATED standings board:

GRAND TOTAL: $30 delivered

To purchase, email me at tim@gumballhelmets.com and I'll give you the details:
I accept paypal, checks and money orders

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