Tim's Miniature BASEBALL helmet collection
(Through 2009)

This page is for the SERIOUS / out-of-control Baseball Gumball Helmet collector!

I have tried to shoot and show ALL of my "screened-on" baseball helmets in my collection.

The company that made the helmets from the late 1970's to 2003 was LAICH.
Starting in 2004, a NEW COMPANY "Fotoball" took over the rights and have created the gumballs helmets ever since.

Between 2003 and 2004, you will notice that the logos may NOT have changed,
but the quality and appearance DID change.

So ... I consider ALL of the helmets from 2004 a "new version".
A good example of this "quality effect" can be seen with the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox below.

Here they are in alphabetical order to the city's name

ALL of these pictures were taken and uploaded in February, 2006.
The NEW LINE of 2006 helmets have NOT come out yet.

Thanks to avid collector DAN CANTER, here are two sheets that show
a QUICK REFERENCE to all the logos:

American League
National League

If you need the FULL SET of THIS year's helmets, email me at:


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